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Equip to Heal rents medical equipment to individuals recovering from injury. Established by occupational therapist Kara Ford, Equip to Heal sends a licensed therapist to set up medical equipment in your home and show you how to use each piece of equipment.

Our goal is to address the needs of individuals to function safely and independently in their home with professional and responsive service, and affordable pricing.

Equip to Heal will:

  • Come to your home to assess the best equipment for your injury, independence needs, and recovery.

  • Set up the equipment in your home for you to try out. You decide which pieces you want  to rent.

  • Rent equipment for a low flat-rate for up to 90 days, a typical time period for recovering from a serious injury.

  • Offer free delivery for residents of Multnomah County. (A small fee to cover mileage costs may be included for those living in neighboring counties.)

  • When the rental period is complete, Equip to Heal staff will return to your home to pick up the equipment, also free of charge.

How Equip to Heal is different from other Medical Equipment Companies:

When people buy equipment, they end up with numerous devices they no longer need after recovering from their injuries.

Most Durable Medical Equipment rental options are provided with weekly or monthly rates, costing more than it would be to buy the equipment outright.  Delivery costs are typically billed on top of the rental rates.

Other companies often make recommendations over the phone or at a storefront, without actually assessing the client's injury and home set-up.  This can result in equipment that does not work in the home, or is inappropriate for the client and their specific injury.

As experienced therapists working in rehabilitation, we recognize the importance and value in matching individual treatments with individual experiences.